Tired of feeling comfortably uncomfortable? We get it, it can be challenging to step out of old patterns and embark  into unknown territory. Without a roadmap, navigating change can leave you feeling disempowered and ultimately create more stress.  The start of a new year is an excellent time to tune in and reroute last year’s seemingly impossible goals into possible .  It’s never too late to begin a new, and you get to decide the destination.

Let us accompany you on this journey with 4 tips to create positive change and live the best version of yourself.

1: Become Clear: Instead of occupying lines on paper with what “looks good”, become curious about what fills your heart with grace and the deeper yearnings you would like to see manifested in 2017. Take time out for quiet contemplation with your journey, freely allow your intentions to surface, then let the pen flow.  

2: Create A Road Map: Now that you are clear on your desires, go back over your list and choose the top 3 that are the most meaningful. Get 3 clean sheets of paper and write each intention separately at the top. Underneath each intention, write a personal map of how you will get from A to Z. Establish realistic short-term goals that are in direct correlation with your long-term intention.

3: Make it Visible: You know the saying “Out of sight out of mind”. Most certainly relevant! Set yourself up for success by making your intentions visible.  Maybe you create an inspiring collage along with your road map and place them both somewhere that you will be exposed to on a daily basis, or you decide to create a special place in a part of your home where you spend 5 minutes each day in joy as you sit with your intentions.

4: Ignite the “Feeling Body”: How do you want to feel when your intentions are manifested? Instead of waiting until things change externally, be the change NOW internally. Take 5 or 10 minutes each morning and before bed to embody the feeling of your intentions manifested. Maybe you feel joy, ease, grace, flow, expansion etc. Whatever the feeling is, allow it to infuse every cell of your being.  Let this be your driving force, it is much more fueling and less exhausting.

-Dr. Juliana Marie, ND,RN