Paleo MediCleanse

Individual and Group Package Options Available.

Let’s be real, we live in a toxic world and our bodies are exposed to numerous toxins over the years, from the food we eat to the air we breathe.

Even if you eat well, exercise regularly, meditate daily and sit in the sauna a few times per week, your liver could use a little more TLC. 

Taking the time to engage in a structured cleanse is like pushing the reset button, and plants the seeds for healthy new habits.

“You can’t change what’s going on around you until you start changing what’s going on within you”

We live in an increasingly toxic environment and many of the toxins abundant in the
environment today did not exist 30 years ago. These toxins can, and do become stored in the body’s organs, and tissues, and overtime negatively impact health, vitality and overall well-being. Our bodies are carrying a larger toxic burden than ever before!

Koi Wellbeing’s Paleo MediCleanse Program is designed to:

 Reduce your exposure to toxins & common allergens
 Decrease inflammation & enhance the liver detoxification pathways
 Improve energy, sleep, and mood
 Promote healthy skin & hair
 Balance hormones & support weight loss/management
 Establish healthy dietary & lifestyle habits for sustainable optimal health

The 21 Day Program Includes:

 Superior tasting vitamin/mineral protein single serving drink mix packets with Shaker Bottle
 Proprietary capsule packets to support detoxification processes & protein digestion
 Delicious recipes, sample menus & shopping list
 2 Nutrient Injections for extra detox boost & energy
 Koi’s Naturopathic Doctor’s lifestyle recommendations for Mind, Body, Spirit

Koi Wellbeing Group Cleanse:

Our group cleanses are the perfect way to complete a detoxification program, especially if have never done one before! This supportive environment helps to keep you on track, and provides lots of great tips and tricks for success.

The group cleanse includes:

 Paleo MediCleanse 21-day Program
 Weekly group classes with the Doctors
 Before and after measurements
 Before and after Detox Questionnaire
 Bonus recipes and tips
 Special service discounts for detox support



Have you been thinking lately about your upcoming New Year’s resolutions knowing that the rich holiday meals are almost upon us? Of course, we want you to enjoy the holiday meals guilt-free, but it’s never too early to start thinking about a cleanse in 2017!



Just like your home, its time to clean out your internal home. Cleansing with the seasons is an optimal time to reboot and rejuvenate the body

Coming MARCH 2017


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