At Koi Wellness Center our health experts utilize specialty laboratory testing to better understand your unique physiology. Knowing what is going on inside of your body helps us discover the root cause of symptoms and allows us to create the most thorough treatment plan possible.

We only work with the highest regarded labs in the field to ensure accurate and trustworthy results.


Our array of labs can shed light on:lab.testing.photos


cross Digestive Health
cross Food Intolerances
cross Inflammation
cross Thyroid & Adrenal Function
cross Blood Sugar Regulation
cross Cholesterol & Cardiovascular Risk
cross Intracellular Micronutrient Levels
cross Hormonal Balance
cross Neurotransmitter Function

Lab Testing FAQs

How much do labs cost?
The cost of labs vary greatly depending on the type of testing required and your insurance provider. Some labs cost as little as $29 with a PPO and others may cost $275 out of pocket (with or without insurance.) Your healthcare professional will discuss all of the testing options with you to help you choose the best one.
Does insurance cover lab testing?
Many of our lab tests are covered by insurance. Coverage is dependant on the specific insurance carrier and type of plan you have in addition to the specific lab test. We work with a variety of laboratories in order to best accommodate your needs.
How does the lab testing process work?
After consulting with our Naturopathic Doctor, various lab tests may be recommended. Some labs are in the form of  a take home test kit and others require an in-office blood draw. Generally, the in-office blood draw is scheduled for another day at your soonest convenience. Most test results return in about 2 weeks at which point a lab result follow up appointment is scheduled with our ND. During this 60 minute appointment the doctor will explain your lab findings and create a custom treatment plan.
Am I able to come in just for specialty lab testing?

Yes. If you are interested in looking at specific lab values without receiving a full treatment plan from one of our health professionals the option exists.

The only requirements are two brief consultations with our doctor. One to order the correct tests and another to relay your results once they come in. Some people choose to do this for micronutrient and food sensitivity testing.

At Koi Wellness we value the therapeutic partnership between patient and practitioner . Our health and wellness experts understand the importance of learning your unique story in order to provide you with the highest quality customized care.

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