Holistic and Naturopathic Employee Wellness Offerings

At KOI Wellbeing, we understand that employee engagement and overall well-being are crucial for the success and productivity of any business. KOI Wellbeing’s Holistic Workplace Wellness Services are a cost-effective way to improve employee health and well-being.

In today’s diverse and health-conscious society, many employees are seeking holistic and natural healthcare options that align with their personal values, beliefs, and views of treatment.


Naturalized and Holistic Healthcare options can help reduce healthcare costs for both the company and the employees and promote a more positive and productive work environment.  

Our Corporate Wellness offerings have been shown to be effective in treating many of the most common chronic conditions, such as cardiac health, obesity, diabetes, digestive disorders, and others that represent the highest percentage of a company’s healthcare and pharmacy/drug spend.

By offering KOI Wellbeing’s Holistic Workplace Wellness Services, companies can benefit from a comprehensive suite of services that are designed to both improve employee health and well-being and reduce the cost of disease management for the company.

KOI Wellbeing’s services include all of the services listed below, plus on-site wellness screenings, health coaching, wellness workshops, and access to a network of qualified healthcare professionals.

Team of employees. Employee wellness.

By offering Naturalized and Holistic Healthcare options, companies can significantly improve employee engagement and overall well-being and signal to employees that they are respected and heard, while reducing healthcare costs for the employer.

Though Naturalized and Holistic Healthcare options encompass a wide range of treatments and practices that emphasize a natural approach to healing the body and mind, KOI Wellbeing adheres to strict standards regarding what services we offer- keeping everything we do grounded in science and research.

There are several benefits to offering Naturalized and Holistic Healthcare options to employees. First, it demonstrates that the company cares about the well-being of its employees and is willing to invest in their health, resulting in increased employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity.


Our Services Include:

Naturopathic and Integrative Doctor Consultations

Functional Medicine & Lab Testing

Nutritional Coaching & Weight Loss

Body Cleanse & Detoxification Programs

Food Sensitivity & Nutrient Testing

Vitamin Shots

IV Therapy

Bio Age Testing

Massage therapy


Mindfulness training