Naturopathic Gut Healing in La Jolla | San Diego, CA

Your digestive system and gut health plays an important role in supporting your optimal health. A healthy gut helps keep your immune system strong, keeps toxins out of your bloodstream, and supports proper digestion. When your digestive system is not functioning correctly, you can experience symptoms such as bloating, constipation, indigestion, and weight gain.

Supporting good digestive function and gut health helps strengthen other parts of the body, especially the immune system, nervous systems, and brain. It can help improve mood, skin conditions, hormone levels, and even body weight.

We offer functional lab tests at our clinic in San Diego, CA to help you understand your own gut health and develop a personalized treatment plan for optimal gut health.

A Natural Approach to Gut Healing

Our unique naturopathic approach is based on optimizing your body’s own ability to self-heal and self-regulate gut health.

By supporting a healthy internal environment for digestion, we can help your body naturally heal from within. Common digestive issues often manifest as bloating, indigestion, and even psychological conditions such as anxiety and stress. As we navigate the gut-brain connection and create a healthy environment in your body, you will find that your overall health improves alongside your gut health.

What is Gut Healing?

A holistic approach to gut health and restoring your digestive tract health at KOI Wellbeing in San Diego, CA includes a comprehensive range of treatments. First, we assess your current health condition through functional lab testing to decode your unique biology and uncover your needed areas of improvement. Then, we provide a series of treatments designed to eliminate toxins from your body, balance your hormones, and strengthen your immune function.

How does Gut Healing Work?

Gut healing at KOI Wellbeing in San Diego, CA follows a unique protocol to treat the underlying causes of any gastrointestinal tract disorder. If there is inflammation present, then we will treat both the symptoms of inflammation and any underlying causes that may be causing it. We will also look at any bacterial overgrowth, food sensitivities, and other issues, aiming to support the health of the gut. As we address the root causes of your GI issues, we will also focus on supporting the rest of your body’s systems so they can function optimally.

Our gut health programs are designed to meet each patients’ specific requirements. During the initial consultation, we’ll perform a thorough assessment of any relevant medical conditions, lifestyle choices, dietary preferences, stress levels, and other issues that might affect your overall well-being. With our findings, we can then create a customized treatment program, delivering personalized medical care that truly supports your needs.

gut health package la jolla california

To appropriately assess and address your digestive issues and other range of symptoms, we provide a package with the essential testing and treatment planning needed to achieve optimal results. The gut health package is designed to deliver long-term results and resolve your digestive complaints while improving your overall wellbeing.

We also offer female hormone balancing and mental health packages.

Our Gut Health Package is Suited for Treating the following:


  • Anxiety and depression
  • Brain fog
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Insomnia


  • Chronic Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Weakened Immune response
  • Abnormal Weight gain or weight loss


  • Eczema and psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Dermatitis
  • Bloated stomach

Included Services.

90 Minute Myers Initial Consult

Your consultation will evaluate your health history and build the foundation of your treatment as you voice your health concerns and goals.

Food Intolerance Evaluation

Assesses foods that cannot be digested properly and any sensitivities leading to fermentation, malabsorption, microbiome imbalances, and gastrointestinal and systemic inflammation.

Genova GI Effects Comprehensive stool test

Assesses digestion, gastrointestinal inflammation, microbiome imbalances, gastrointestinal infection.

60 Minute Myers Lab Review + Treatment Plan

Your lab results will be reviewed, and your treatment plan will be delivered, taking into consideration needed areas of improvement along with the concerns you have.

45 Minute Myers Follow-up

A follow-up is done to assess the outcome and progress of your current treatment plan and decide whether further treatment is recommended.

Additional Treatments.

Each patient’s treatment plan is individualized with varying treatments. To ensure optimal improvement we may recommend additional treatments. When combined with your plan, these additional recommendations provide supplemental support in your journey to wellness.

Treatment recommendations may include:

  • Nutritional guidance, lifestyle changes, practitioner grade supplements, botanical medicine, mind-body medicine, biofeedback, nervous system regulation.
  • Supplements, herbs, and additional testing.