Natural Hair Restoration in La Jolla | San Diego, CA

Studies show more than half of all men and one in three women will experience hair loss in their lives. It’s a major source of insecurity for adult men and women worldwide, especially when it happens at a young age. Thankfully, technology and science are producing simple, effective, non-invasive ways to promote hair growth by harnessing the power of your blood’s healing properties.

Hair loss and natural restoration

Natural hair restoration therapy in San Diego, CA harnesses the power of natural extracts originally used for sports injuries in elite athletes. Today, this natural source of cellular building-blocks, is being used to stimulate healthy hair growth and even facial rejuvenation. Our natural treatments are quick, affordable, and are administered with very little pain.

A hair restoration consultation with a doctor or naturopath at KOI Wellbeing can help you learn what’s possible based on your genetics, hair loss, age, and hormones.

This treatment can slow or reverse hair loss naturally and aims to improve hair strength while restoring the health of dormant hair follicles. Our treatment of hair loss is part of a larger body of medical research and cutting-edge therapies that have proven effective in repairing, restoring, and strengthening human cells and structures. Because we heal your existing follicles, we achieve a natural appearance that is hard to replicate with surgical procedures.

A patient prior to receiving a hair restoration treatment


Patient experienced accelerated hair loss, thinning, & temporal balding.


Deborah Wainwright, DNP, APRN, NP-BC, CNOR, performs hair restoration treatments at KOI Wellbeing, San Diego:

Deborah Wainwright uses a small needle to inject product into two areas of the temporal region, where the hair was receding and one injection into the crown of the head where thinning began to occur.


5 months after procedure

5 months later

Research and the continual practice of this cutting-edge treatment for balding has shown the effects of natural hair loss treatments to produce hair growth over several months. After one treatment your hair may continue to grow or fill in for as much as 8 months.

This patient, like most who have natural hair restoration treatments for hair loss, reported that the first thirty days were much the same in terms of hair loss. After thirty days he was encouraged, finding less and less hair was falling out when brushing and showering.

By the second month he reported that the hair loss had stopped entirely. And by month three began to see “peach fuzz” and new hair growth where his scalp was entirely bald before treatment.

Here in month five, we can see that he has experienced hair regrowth and thickening after just one treatment and is very happy with the outcome.


Is natural hair restoration safe?

Our non-surgical hair loss solution in San Diego, CA is a safe and popular choice for treating hair loss, providing a great alternative to costly and painful hair transplant surgeries such as follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplants. Additionally, these hair transplant techniques tend to leave a linear scar that is often noticeable, even by the most experienced hair transplant surgeons.

Signaling your body’s natural healing response and improving blood flow to the scalp, our treatment introduces thousands of times more healing cells than your body produces in an injury response. Because biomaterial from your own body is used in the procedure, there is minimal chance of adverse reaction such as an allergic reaction.

With more cellular building blocks, your body can produce new healthy cells and potentially awaken dormant hair follicles. Natural hair restoration grows hair where thinning or balding has occurred. Because we are stimulating your natural hair growth, you will achieve a result that follows the growth pattern you once had. In addition to boosting hair density, we use this same technique to effectively treat aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles and acne scarring.

Causes of hair loss


There’s a chance you’re genetically predisposed to hair thinning, which means you may see a progressive, gradual reduction in hair volume. In these instances, certain hair follicles are sensitive to hormones. This sensitivity causes follicles to gradually shrink and produce slightly finer and shorter hairs with each passing hair growth cycle.


This means your hair loss is the result of a trigger. Excessive daily hair shedding (which is known as telogen effluvium) is not reliant on having a genetic predisposition; it occurs as the result of an internal imbalance or upset, such as a nutritional deficiency, severe stress, crash dieting, or an illness.

Further causes of hair loss include:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Stress
  • Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism
  • Iron deficiency or anemia
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Aging

Many of these reasons for hair loss can be treated with our natural method and combined with other therapies such as bio-identical hormone replacement to maximize thickness, for a fuller head of hair.

Hair loss is not always permanent and in cases where it is caused by some imbalance, stress or vitamin deficiency, a consultation with an MD or naturopathic doctor and functional lab testing may ultimately best address your underlying cause and remedy the problem.

For hair loss that is more progressive and caused by aging or genetic predisposition, our natural hair restoration alone is among the most effective treatment options available today.


Cutting edge medicine without limits

All treatments and therapies are inclusive of an initial evaluation and assessment by the doctor and if appropriate, the doctor will treat you right away because at KOI Wellbeing nothing stands between you and feeling your best.

A key tenant of the KOI Wellbeing philosophy is that you have a right to take charge of your health and wellbeing without barriers like insurance company approval and the need for multiple appointments.

Our doctors teach patients about their health, and how to achieve best wellness. When making a specific recommendation or prescription, the doctors will take the time to explain treatment options and answer your questions.