group of women receiving mobile iv therapy

Mobile IV therapy & nutrient injections in La Jolla | San Diego, CA

KOI Wellbeing offers a full array of Mobile IV Infusion and Nutrient Injection services in San Diego, CA that can be provided at your home or hotel room or event location. Whether it’s IVs, injections or even a doctor consultation for yourself or your party, KOI Wellbeing’s mobile services are available at your convenience wherever you are.

Our IV infusions are packed with amino acids and essential vitamins such as Vitamin C and provide instant hydration. Tailored to your health goals, we offer a wide selection, great for boosting your energy levels, fighting against flu season, and preventing vitamin deficiency.

Getting IV Hydration and other KOI Wellbeing services delivered to you is a great way to enjoy all the benefits of therapy and treatment in the comfort of your home or hotel room without the hassle of driving. We provide a comfortable experience wherever you are, as we deliver vital nutrients through our IV therapy treatments. Whether you’re sick, suffering from jet lag, tired or simply want the concierge service of having us come to you, KOI Wellbeing’s mobile services are a great option.


Why choose IV infusions and nutrient injections at KOI Wellbeing?

Whether you’re feeling depleted from travel, illness, or a big night out, our vitamin, nutrient, mineral and antioxidant-rich elixirs are the perfect antidote to being less than your best self. Getting an IV or Nutrient Injection in your home, hotel room or wherever you may be is a luxury service that lets you relax where you are without the worry of travel.

Every Mobile IV Infusion and Nutrient Injection on our menu is available and consultations with a Naturopathic Doctor or MD can be scheduled just as easily as an office visit.

KOI Wellbeing mobile Services are the answer!

Achieve your wellness goals through the building blocks of health– essential nutrients. Our selection of IV infusions are great at giving you a quick boost of energy, and treating a wide variety of conditions. Administering IV hydration therapy allows for maximum absorption, delivering wellness benefits you can confidently feel.