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What we believe

Everyone has the right to experience optimal health and wellness and to access effective care promptly and conveniently. We believe healthcare should be a service wherein you are treated as our customer rather than chattel owned by an insurance company. That you deserve to be included in the process, informed, educated, and respected.

We believe that writing a prescription for your complaint is not healthcare at all as it does not address the root cause of any issue but simply masks symptoms and creates a dependency. We know there is a better way- by using advanced laboratory testing to uncover the root cause and prescribing naturalized options that can be measured in their efficacy.

We believe you deserve better than what you’ve been getting from your insurance-dictated providers. We believe we have the solution.

Our Vision

To create a bridge between western and naturopathic medicine within a positive and supportive environment that leaves people feeling informed and empowered about their health and wellness, and about the treatment options presented.

We created KOI Wellbeing because the broader healthcare system fails most often to deliver lasting results without harmful side effects. KOI envisions a shift in how healthcare is delivered, with beautifully appointed offices, concierge service, treatments that address the root cause of illness, access to the most advanced and effective treatments and services available, and an open door.

We envision a KOI Wellbeing in every neighborhood where people can easily meet with their doctor, know exactly the cost of care, and truly heal and optimize their health using non harmful, non-addictive scientifically proven products, treatments and regimens, while gaining knowledge about their bodies and unique bio-individuality.

our medspa clinic
front of our naturopathic clinic

Who we are

The KOI Wellbeing team of Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Naturopathic Doctors work together to deliver person-centered, efficient, accessible, and cost-effective healthcare and services.

Our integration of Western and Naturopathic medicine, and our team of healthcare providers that share our passion for improving how we provide healthcare in this country is born of our belief that medicine and wellness should be grounded in science, based in nature where possible and tailored to your unique bioidentity and needs. Our classically trained and naturopathic doctors work collaboratively at KOI’s beautiful offices and treatment regimens are often integrated with KOI’s own IV Therapies, Nutrient Injections and highest quality supplements and products. KOI also offers aesthetic services including hair restoration, xeomin injections and microneedling, to enable our patients to feel their best inside and out!


Our Brand

KOI Wellbeing: The KOI fish has a powerful and energetic life force, demonstrated by its ability to swim against currents, longevity, and ability to swim upstream and against the strongest of currents.

Across cultures the KOI fish is revered for their uniqueness and symbolic of qualities such as longevity, courage, perseverance, transformation, good fortune, ambition, success, strength, harmony, and prosperity. It is the KOI Fish that represents Yin and Yang, the balance of the world and their quiet beauty and mystery that we find both peaceful and intriguing.

We chose the name KOI to represent our mission of respecting our patient’s individuality and bring to them the opportunity to fully develop their unique qualities through optimal health, wellbeing, and balance.

koi fish

Partner with KOI

We are passionate about spreading our message of optimal health and wellness and helping as many people as we can. Partnering with like-minded businesses in the community is a great way to accomplish this goal.

There are many ways for us to work together. Some examples include hosting joint events, offering wellness services or lectures at your events, customer loyalty programs, and referrals.


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