About Us

Everyone has the right to experience optimal health and wellness and to access effective care promptly and conveniently.

KOI Wellbeing provides high-quality treatments and services aimed at helping people find their highest expression of health for a more enjoyable life.

At our La Jolla storefront, walk-in service is available for nutrient therapy. Our staff is always on site to schedule consultations at your convenience. All of the nutrients we use in our IV treatments and injections are acquired from a PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy to ensure the highest quality.

KOI’s integrative approach to wellness includes nutrient therapy, Naturopathic Doctor consultations, and functional nutrition coaching with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

With such an array of health and nutrition information at our fingertips it can be tough to decipher what is true and, more importantly, what works best for you. Our integrative health experts take a custom approach to help you find the foods, supplements, and lifestyle practices that will allow you to meet your specific goals and achieve optimal wellness.