What Is The Difference Between IV Infusions And Nutrient Injections?

Nutrient injections on orange citrus fruits.

With everyone setting new health goals and resolutions it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the latest health crazes people are raving about. If you are looking to try something new, research and understanding exactly what you are getting into are extremely important. With IV infusion therapy and nutrient injections being some of our core offerings at KOI Wellbeing, we wanted to break down the difference between the two to give you a better understanding of what each treatment will help you with and what role they can play in accomplishing your health and wellness goals.

IV infusion therapy

Receiving vitamin therapy via an IV infusion is very similar to receiving any other drugs from an IV or having blood drawn as far as the procedure goes. A needle will be inserted into your arm to administer the vitamins directly into your bloodstream. This procedure takes anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the infusion and the person. Each infusion is customized to the individual with a blend of essential nutrients to help address the issues you are having and will help you start feeling better almost immediately.

The key with IV infusions is that by receiving vitamins directly in your bloodstream, your body can absorb more of them, and it happens much more quickly than if you were taking supplements orally. This way, your health benefits can be felt quicker, relieving any symptoms you may be having due to vitamin deficiency. IV infusions will help you get more of the good stuff in your body, working for your health faster.

IV infusions are ideal for anyone who has trouble swallowing pills or capsules. It allows you to receive vitamins and minerals right away and helps them enter your system faster. Receiving vitamin infusions are also perfect for those who need to supplement their diet with vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C.

Nutrient Injections

Nutrient injections, sometimes known as vitamin shots, work in a similar way as they are still putting vitamins into your bloodstream, but the injections are done intramuscularly, which means the shot is injected through muscle instead of veins. While intramuscular injections have a slower absorption rate than intravenous infusions, they are still a great way to supplement your body with essential vitamins, and both are superior to any oral supplement, as they bypass the digestive system.

Nutrient injections benefit from being a quicker overall procedure than IVs and can be done without an appointment. This makes injections a great option for someone who needs a boost but doesn’t have as much time as an IV would take. They also allow you to receive nutrients in a shorter amount of time compared to IVs.

Which is right for you?

Both IV infusions and nutrient injections are safe and effective ways to improve your health and well-being. The difference between the two lies in how fast they reach your bloodstream and how long they last. Both treatments are beneficial for different reasons and should be used based on your specific needs.

These treatments are helpful for people who are suffering from digestive issues or disorders and can help improve your body’s functionality in a short time. Choosing which method is right for you depends on your preferences, what your health goals are, and what health issues you might be dealing with.

KOI Wellbeing is ready to help you figure out the best plan of action to keep yourself on track for better health in the new year. Schedule an appointment today to get started!

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